Every day almost 1000 children die from diseases caused from lack of clean water. This is something you can help prevent. With your support Oxfam drill wells, purify water and build sanitation solutions to stop life-threatening diseases. This saves lives. In 2015/16, Oxfam provided 5.4 million people with improved access to clean water.

Photo: Will Wintercross / Oxfam

The Real Group support Oxfam’s work giving people in need clean water, you can help too. Your donation goes through Oxfam in Sweden and the safe-payment site will be in Swedish. To make a donation you need to chose Type of card, enter Card number, Name of cardholder, Expiery date (MM/YY) and CVC number and finally klick on the payment button: BETALA.  (100 SEK is approximately10 euros or 11 US dollars). 

Oxfam is one of the world’s leading anti-poverty organizations, we work in over 90 countries and have been fighting poverty since 1942.  For more information in English visit www.oxfam.org